Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Tag!

I have been SUCH  bad blogger of late! Life has literally been hectic and I've hardly had time to compose myself, let alone enough to sit and write a post. I have been reading your blogs and watching a lot of YouTube so I'm still kept in the loop! ;) Don't worry ladies, I know what you're up to!
Anyway, with 12 days to go I thought it would be a good opportunity to ease myself back into the blogosphere by doing a cheeky little Christmas Tag!

1. Sign that Christmas is coming?

For me, that has to be when my town switches on it’s Christmas lights and has it’s annual Christmas parade. I missed it this year and it left me feeling very unfestive! Haha. Other than that, I guess it’s when you see the Christmas adverts on the TV, or when the first Christmas song is played on the radio!

2. Favourite Christmas song?

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York. I’ve always liked this and I’m not sure why, cos it’s not the happiest of songs to listen to!

3. Favourite Christmas movie?

I’ve cheated slightly with this because I have 2. My all time favourite is Santa Claus! It was released in 1985 which makes it older than me but I love it and  it’s one that I watch every single Christmas Eve without fail. You can’t beat a bit of Patch the naughty elf! My second one is a more modern choice, and that is 4 Christmases with Reece Witherspoon. It’s a Christmas Rom-Com and it always has me in stitches!

4. Opening presents... Morning or afternoon?

Because I’m part of such a big family, present opening seems to last the majority of the day! I love that though!

5. Smoky eyes and sequins for Christmas dinner or tacky jumpers all the way?

Neither to be honest. I always make an effort on Christmas Day, and being a Make-Up Artist, I like to make sure my make up looks nice, but I don’t go for all out smoky eyes and sequins and unfortunately, I don’t own a tacky Christmas jumper.

6. Christmas eve plans?

I’m not really sure what’s happening this year! I rather suspect I will be down the pub for a few drinks.

7. Favourite Christmas food and drink?

Definitely LOVE the full on Christmas dinner. Even thinking about it now makes my mouth water! As for drink, I drink the same thing as I do all year, so it’s not really Christmassy – That’s either Rose wine or Archers and Lemonade!

8. Favourite Christmas memory?

I don’t really have a favourite Christmas memory as such – I will always treasure and remember the Christmases I had with my mum… She died almost 10 years ago.

One thing that always makes me smile from my childhood is that every year my brother and I would have presents on the end of our bed from Santa, and because my nan was over for Christmas she would sleep in my bed and I would sleep on the floor. Anyway, my brother was always told not to come in my room cos he was too noisy so I’d wake up, take my presents in to his room and we would sit on our bed and open our Santa presents together. One year I slept in later than he did and he was sat on his bed, waiting for me so we could still open presents together. So cute!!!


9. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?

I’ll be spending Christmas with Auntie Sue and my family! This is the first year that I’m not round the corner from her house, so I’m going over on Christmas Eve and staying for a couple of days! Christmas Day is always hectic round there and we normally have 9/10 people for dinner. I love it!

10. Top of your wish list this year?

I don’t really have a wish list! I just want 2014 to be better than 2013… Oh, and I want a new hairdryer and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! ;)

11. What's on your plate?

Traditional Christmas dinner for me, and hopefully sticky toffee pudding for dessert cos I don’t like Christmas cake/pudding

 12. Must have nail polish for Christmas day?

I bite my nails so I rarely wear nail varnish! Ooops.

13. Favourite Christmassy scent?

I don’t have a specific scent, but I love anything slightly spiced.

14. What is at the top of your tree?

I have a tree at my house which has a star on it, a star on the tree at work and a Minnie Mouse Angel on the tree at Auntie Sues!

15. Boxing Day?

I’m off to my Dad’s for Boxing Day this year. I’ve never done that before – I normally visit him on Christmas Eve or the day before that!

16. Best thing about Christmas?

Spending time with loved ones. Cliché but true! I also love watching people opening their presents! Not gonna lie, I love receiving gifts myself, but Christmas is definitely about spending time with family.


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